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Very Simple Game rules. All the questions are about YOU, the people playing.
The Right Answer means NOTHING to the game, but everything to the Experience.
(because, Knowbody Knows the answers!)    Just try not to guess too high or too low.
The highest and lowest guesses get Zero points. The Guess RIGHT in the MIDDLE
gets TWO points. Everyone else gets One. Read the detailed rules here.

How does the Email Version work?
1. Whoever's Turn it is will be emailed first. They will see who the question
is about, and choose a "filler" to personalize the question.

2. Then, everyone will be sent an email with that Question.
Just click the link, enter your guess and hit Submit.

3. When the last person enters their guess, the results will be calculated
and one more email will be sent, with the results (and the guesses. That's the fun part!).

4. The questions will no doubt spark fun conversation, so you will be able to
enter comments, before and after the results, or click an "Email All" link.

ANY questions at all, Email us, at

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Do YOU Know?

How many times did you laugh out loud last year?

How many hours a month does your Dad spend "on the can"?

On a scale between 1 and 1000, how Flirtatious is your sister?

How much did your best friend spend on alcohol last year?


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